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How We Begin

Growing up in the Caribbean, having an indoor kitchen was unheard of. All of our cooking was done outdoors under slow burning wood. Bar-B-Queing was not just a way of life, but rather a Religion where we brought good food, great friends and neighbors together to have good vibes.

I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy a BBQ than with a BBQ sauce made from my own special recipe, thus, Irie Breeze BBQ Sauce was created. The flavor of the sauce gives you a spicy, sweet, and smokey taste to your palate.

Irie Breeze BBQ Sauce and Catering, Est. 2021
An Island taste anywhere you are in the world.
Good Food – Good Taste – Good Vibes

Irie Breeze BBQ sauce

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide world class customer service to our customers. Lay back and let us to all the work. By doing so we provide, good tasting BBQ food, that brings family and friends together, to enjoy a good vibes for your event.

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